16 Via Panzani

Birthplace of creative pasta cuisine

Welcome to Via Panzani, a place that’s filled with fascinating stories, an icon of modern Italy.


Dive into the heart of Via Panzani

You are in the heart of Florence, the cradle of Italian creativity, and the city that saw several generations of the family of Giovanni Panzani grow up, himself an aficionado of Italian flavors and of the Italian art of living, and the founder of the Panzani brand.

16 Via Panzani is a place of inspiration and know-how: a unique culinary laboratory. An ongoing, truly creative workshop, 16 Via Panzani welcomes chefs from around the world so that they can express their passion for pasta here, putting their own twists on their cuisines from far and wide, and provide us with an unparalleled culinary and emotional experience!

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