Siyadiyet Samak with Tagliatelle


  • 500g of Panzani Tagliatelle
  • 1l of fish broth
  • 10cl of olive oil
  • 250g of chopped onions
  • 3g of cumin
  • 8cl of lemon juice
  • 800g of fish filet
  • 4cl of dark soya sauce
  • 40g of roasted mixed Nuts
  • 200g of flour
  • 30cl of corn oil
  • Coriander garnish
  • Olive oil drizzle
  • Salt
  • White pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of corn flour

Preparations steps

  • 1. Marinate the fish fillet 30 minutes ahead of time with olive oil, lemon Juice (40g), salt, and pepper.
  • 2. Heat olive oil in the pan and fry onions until crispy and brown in color.
  • 3. Strain onions from oil.
  • 4. In a pot, boil the broth.
  • 5. While the broth boils, add the fried onions, the soya sauce, the lemon juice and adjust the taste with salt.
  • 6. Let it simmer till you get the right consistency (you can add corn flour to thicken it.
  • 7. Dust the fish fillet with flour.
  • 8. Heat the olive oil in the pan and pan-fry the fish until it’s cooked and the golden color is reached.
  • 9. Cut the fish into slices.
  • 10.In boiling water, add salt and cook the Tagliatelle for as long as indicated in the package.
  • 11. Drain the pasta.
  • 12. Mix the tagliatelle with siyadiyeh sauce.
  • 13. Place the fish filet toped with fried onions and roasted mixed nuts.
  • 14. Place aside the siyadieh tagliatelle pasta.
  • 15. Garnish with lemon and coriander.

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