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1940 Giovanni Panzani's first pasta

In 1941, Giovanni Panzani, who came from a Tuscan family, manufactured and marketed his first artisanal pasta. 5 years later, he opened his first pasta factory.

1950 The birth of a brand

Giovanni Panzani had the revolutionary idea of wrapping pasta up in cellophane packaging so that its quality would be immediately apparent. This transparency would go on to become a signature of the "Panzani Pasta" brand.

1960 Panzani expands to nearly 50 countries

Since 1960, when the first packages of Panzani pasta started crossing international borders, Panzani has grown a lot internationally. The brand first became known in Europe, then in Africa and in other parts of the world.

1964 From wheat to pasta, total know-how

Panzani incorporated the Bellevue Semoulery in the South of France. Panzani then took on a new activity, that of semolina production, allowing it to gain complete control over the supply chain and quality of its products.

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